Your Financial FAQ

  1. How much does IVF cost?
  2. How much do the medications for IVF cost?
  3. How much does an IUI cost?
  4. Do you have package pricing?
  5. Do you take my insurance?
  6. Will my insurance cover my treatment?
  7. Will my insurance cover my medications?
  8. Fertility Treatment Insurance Coverage
  9. I have Medicare or Medicaid. How much will these plans cover?
  10. How much does a Tubal Reversal cost?
  11. Does insurance cover Tubal Reversal?
  12. Do you have financing available?
  13. What is WinFertility?
  14. What is Prosper Healthcare Lending?

I could never begin to fully express my gratitude for how thankful I am to have found this office and it's wonderful staff. I have spent many years seeing different specialists and doctors, and I was always either disrespected, judged, ignored, or turned away if I ever mentioned endometriosis. However, this place is completely different. From the check-in ladies, to the nurses, the providers (Autumn and Dr. Keenan), and to everyone in between, every time I'm here, I am treated with the respect and treatment I have longly desired and looked for. I am forever thankful for Dr. Keenan and the staff and so appreciative for all that has been done for me and my endometriosis. Because of you all, and the very brilliant Dr. Keenan, I can happily look forward to planning on having a family one day. Thank you for being my "safe place" and for never judging me. I couldn't have asked for or dreamed of ever having such a caring, brilliant, and wonderful doctor and his team. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! S. W., Knoxville TN
~ S. W., Knoxville TN